We envision, invest in and manage the places where people feel proud to live, work and play.
Our expertise

QIC Global Real Estate is a specialist division of QIC, one of the world's leading diversified alternative investment firms. We drive sustainable investment performance through our active management of an AU$22bn portfolio comprising more than 40 mixed-use retail and commercial assets across Australia and the United States*.

Via intensive asset management and strategic reinvestment, we are focused on transforming our strategically located properties into vibrant microcities that power local economies and support vibrant neighbourhoods.

Our investment processes and ownership practices are influenced by clear environmental, social and governance priorities, and we seek to deliver industry-leading sustainability outcomes while managing risk effectively.

*As at June 2019.

Our vision

Imagine a place deeply rooted in the values of its community. A place where all generations can come together.

Imagine culturally relevant, evolving hubs where work, wellness, entertainment and education unify alongside exceptional retail.

Imagine a place where leading-edge experience design meets world-class amenity, accelerating business innovation and quality of lifestyle.

Imagine a place where global brands seamlessly integrate into and enrich local life, driving profit now and loyalty over the long term.

Imagine a place where all of this can be achieved while shaping an inclusive and sustainable future.

These are the places we are creating.

Our approach

We invest responsibly, holding and developing our strategic assets over generational horizons. Driving performance in the short, medium and long term is central to our business strategy.

We collaborate with community leaders and local culture bearers as well as internationally recognised architects and designers to foster memorable and meaningful experiences.

Our real estate solutions extend beyond the traditional to answer a multiplicity of human needs, with town centre-style usages ranging from commerce, health services and childcare to accommodation, lifestyle, arts facilities and dining precincts.

We deliver value-add strategies based on proprietary ethnographic and econometric research, and always in alignment with our environmental, social and governance principles.


Michael O'Brien
Managing Director
David Asplin
Deputy Managing Director and Head of Funds Management
Ryan Murphy
Director – Strategy
Melissa Hardy
Melissa Hardy
Director - Business Performance and Technology
Daryl Stubbings
Director – Australian Investment Management
John Alderson
EVP – Investment Management, US Real Estate
Stephen Dewaele
General Manager - Shopping Centre Management
Melissa Schulz
Melissa Schulz
General Manager - Sustainability
Find out how we integrate ESG considerations into every level of our decision-making.