Watergardens Sons of the West
Dec 4, 2019

Watergardens Town Centre’s partnership with the Western Bulldogs Community Foundation continues to grow, as it supports the delivery of the Sons of the West, Daughters of the West and Watergardens Walkers programs.


Sons of the West (SOTW)

Watergardens is proud to continue to support the Western Bulldogs Community Foundation in delivering its successful SOTW men’s health program. SOTW aims to engage men in physical and mental health education as well as physical activity that is fun, inclusive and caters to all abilities. Importantly, SOTW also supports men to make new social connections and, in some cases, friends for life.

In 2019, 640 men participated in SOTW, tackling important health topics such as mental health, cancer prevention, cultural diversity, and gender equity. These topics challenge men to not only prioritise their own health, but also to think about how they can be a positive influence on the lives of those close to them, and their broader community.

Daughters of the West (DOTW)

Alongside the SOTW program, Watergardens has continued its support of the DOTW program, after becoming its inaugural partner in 2017. The program is underway until the end of October, with 510 women participating across ten sites.

Like SOTW, the DOTW program takes a holistic approach to health with a focus on its physical, mental and social aspects. The program has proved particularly important for women to be able to carve out two hours each week to prioritise their own health. Topics covered in the program include mental health, respectful relationships, nutrition and sexual and reproductive health.

The physical activity component of the program is all about getting active in an inclusive and non-judgemental environment and having fun with new friends.

Watergardens Walkers

Watergardens partnered with SOTW graduates in 2018 to deliver the Watergardens Walkers, a program that builds on the work of the SOTW and DOTW to raise the profile of physical and mental health in men and women by encouraging graduates to continue leading a health lifestyle and engage in a brisk weekly walk. The program has grown form strength to strength to become one of Victoria’s largest walking groups.

Held every Thursday at 7pm, the 30-minute in-Centre walk is led by SOTW graduate Terry Charles, and provides exceptional opportunities for local community members to make new friends and fulfil their health and fitness goals.

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