Support from Castle Towers is Helping 'The Sanctuary' Change Lives
Dec 4, 2019

Castle Towers has joined Women’s Community Shelters in celebrating the third birthday for their ambitious crisis accommodation project, women’s refuge – ‘The Sanctuary’ – in Castle Hill, Sydney.


The Sanctuary provides crisis accommodation, for up to three months at a time, for women and their children who are escaping homelessness and/or domestic violence, through a fully refurbished six-bedroom home which is provided by Castle Towers for the facility at no rental charge.

Offering a client centred approach to collaborative case management, a specialist team of case workers, led by the shelter manager, work around the clock and hand-in-hand with their clients to support, advocate for, and help them access all that they might need to live safe lives free from fear.

In its three years of operation, The Sanctuary changed the lives of 114 women and 197 children, as well as providing an additional 380 hours of outreach to support women living safely in their own homes.

“Since 21 April 2016, our dedicated team at The Sanctuary have been working around the clock, seven days a week, to provide crisis care to women and their children, who are leaving domestic violence. Each woman's story is heartbreaking, however, our phenomenal team - led by our extraordinary Shelter Manager, Donna Cavanagh – nurture miracles to life every day for our mums and their children,” said Yvonne Keane, Chair of the Women’s Community Shelters’ Board.

“The past three years has been a time punctuated with challenges, tears (of sorrow, and of joy), trial and triumph. The one element that has remained constant, however, has been commitment. Commitment from our community, our partners, our Board, and our mothership - Women's Community Shelters.”

As one of the few shelters in NSW that can provide for women with a disability and women with larger families, The Sanctuary provides a safe haven for women and children regardless of needs.

In addition, since opening their doors, The Sanctuary has added 11,683 “bed nights” into the sector – meaning that on more than 11,600 occasions a mother and her children slept safely in beds at The Sanctuary.

“It wasn’t until we stayed in the shelter that we realised how much more calm and peaceful it was, and I was really happy for the kids to see that this is the way life should look,” said a Sanctuary client.

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